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Bathroom Hazards: Safety Tips for Seniors


Seniors are at the stage of life where things which were easy to do before become challenging. They become less mobile, making it difficult for them to do and finish different tasks. Their limited mobility springs from the changes in their physical capabilities due to aging.

Oftentimes, the families of these aging individuals engage in Senior Care Services in Seabrook, Texas for their peace of mind. Their aging loved ones will have someone who will take care of them and assist them with daily important tasks.

These daily tasks may have hidden safety risks. In terms of taking a bath, here are the possible dangers that your senior loved ones may face and how you can avoid them.

Danger #1: The possibility of scalding

Hot showers can be soothing for the body. However, when your senior loved ones forget how things are set up, they can end up getting scalded and hurt. They may be confused as to how to operate the hot and cold shower mechanisms. They may even want a cold shower but turned the dial to the hot one, instead.

Tip: If necessary, prepare the settings in the shower beforehand.

While not all seniors may be in this situation, making the necessary precautions is still worth it. If you notice your loved ones getting scalded accidentally during bath time, it will best for you to go in there and change the settings accordingly. Make sure to feel the water running out from the shower head before telling your aging family members to start showering.

Danger #2: Slippery surfaces

Wet surfaces are slippery and are accident-prone areas. In another scenario, a bar of soap lying on the bathroom floor can also cause a slip and a fall. Slipping and falling will not only hurt your seniors for the time being but will also complicate their health in the long run.

Tip: Install grab bars and non-slip mats.

Installing these items will reduce the risk of falling. Most of the time, providers of Home Care Services in Houston, Texas make these critical precautions to ensure that seniors are able to bathe safely in their own bathrooms.

Danger #3: Strenuous activity, the need for exertion of physical force

While not technically a danger, exerting too much force just to take a bath can affect the health of seniors. It can make your loved ones feel that showering is a hassle so they won’t do it anymore.

Tip: Provide physical assistance.

You or another member of your family can physically assist your loved ones when showering. You may even engage in Senior Home Care in Houston, Texas for bathing assistance.

Heartful Senior Care LLC can help fulfill your senior loved one’s daily tasks through our care and support. If you wish to know further details regarding our services, you can call us at 832-630-6599.

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