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Reminders to Stay Physically Active

Reminders to Stay Physically Active

Is your senior loved one engaged in physical activities daily? If not, better encourage them to get moving. Aside from getting their doctor’s clearance of this activity, the active lifestyle is, in fact, helpful to increase their bones and muscles, while aiding them to maintain good balance.

As your leading provider of senior care services in Seabrook, Texas, let us assist your aging parent in achieving a healthy lifestyle with these reminders.

  • Select a simple activity that you enjoy doing. Enjoyment is a good start and motivation. When your loved one gets the hang of it, they can increase the amount of time spent in the routine.
  • Participate in a fitness program preferably with other seniors. When there are other people performing exercises, this can inspire your aging family member to get their limbs moving as well.
  • Start a group that will engage in specific activities such as walking, hiking, or even performing yoga at home. Aside from the health contribution to their body, it can also do a lot in boosting their mental health.
  • Remember to put your safety first in doing your exercises. Here are ways to achieve that:
    • Approach a licensed care provider to assist you in specific routines. In some cases, a licensed physical therapist may be able to work this out with you.
    • Don’t forget your warm up exercises and cool down routines.
    • Always start your routines at a slow pace so your body will not be affected by the sudden impact.
    • Pay attention to your body and get rest immediately whenever you feel like you can’t breathe or become dizzy.
    • Remember to drink water.
  • Let your loved one cooperate with their primary physician as to what physical activities to perform in order to maintain the ideal active lifestyle. Their doctor will have good recommendations on the types of exercises that are suited for their age.
  • Ensure that any pre-existing health condition should be addressed before proceeding to any rigorous routine. Check with their doctor if there are any specific routines that they must avoid performing.

These are fairly simple reminders that your aging loved one can refer to when they pursue the active lifestyle. If they need personal assistance in doing physical exercises, our experienced providers of home care services in Houston, Texas can keep them company. Remember to also settle health matters with their doctor first. Otherwise, their health and breathing may get complicated if they work out without their physician’s clearance.

As your partner in providing senior home care in Houston, Texas, we encourage you to support your loved one’s ventures for an active lifestyle. While they focus on their wellness goals, our team can also assist their home care tasks so that they can stay in a well-tended home to keep them safe from accidents and away from infections. Don’t think twice on inquiring about our services at Heartful Senior Care LLC.

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