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5 Activities That Help Keep Seniors Sharp and Strong


As seniors, instead of conforming to the fatigue we feel, why not fight it? And by fight it, we really mean getting the right amount of sleep, exercise, and having a healthy diet! It doesn’t have to be a tiresome day in and day out. Heartful Senior Care LLC helps each senior client to live stronger by maintaining sharp wits and strong physiques through the right measures. Of course, you should consult your attending physician for advice and other senior care providers.

Providing senior care services in Seabrook, Texas, we want to introduce you to five activities that can help in keeping seniors sharp and strong.

  1. Cross Word Puzzles

    Word puzzles allow us to exercise our mental abilities and as shown by studies, it helps prevent Alzheimer’s. Aside from the health benefit we get, we’re also entertained by how we get to solve these puzzles. Not only that but you don’t have to play by yourself—crossword puzzles can be done with friends and loved ones and it makes solving crossword puzzles more fun.

  2. Outdoor Painting

    This really brings out the artist in us. One does not need to be Leonardo Da Vinci to paint a work of art—one just needs to have perspective. So why not try outdoor painting? Sceneries have a way of relaxing us and making us feel free and vulnerable. Translate the calmness, the serenity, or any feeling for the matter through different colors of paint on canvas.

  3. Join a Book Club

    If you’ve always been into literature, why not find a local community of bibliophiles whom you can relate to? Meet once or twice a week and discuss great works of literature together. This helps you socialize with seniors with the same interest as you. This also provides you an outlet of entertainment and relaxation as well.

  4. Water Aerobics

    Compared to regular aerobics, water aerobics may give you a less painful experience. This is because the water will assist you and absorb the weight and shock of movements your joints experience. This helps you build your strength as well as improve your mobility as a senior.

  5. Dancing

    Who doesn’t love music? If you’ve always had a love for music and dance ever since you can remember—keep at it! Yes, even in your senior years. Dancing is a good form of exercise that keeps seniors fit and strong. Our coordination and mobility are also kept strong through dancing. Even if you have two left feet, you don’t have to worry because dancing is fun and we can help you move around to the beat of the music.

    Providing home care services in Houston, Texas, we want to provide you the lifestyle of a senior who is well-taken care of. To do so, we help you with exercise, entertainment, meal preparations, and all sorts of daily living activities. Visit us at www.heartfulseniorcare.com/home-care-services.

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