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Improving Your Diet – Meal Planning for Seniors

Improving Your Diet – Meal Planning for Seniors

Proper nutrition is important for people of all ages, but it becomes even more important as we reach our senior years. As our bodies change with age, so do our nutritional needs. Seniors need fewer calories than before but require more vitamins and minerals. This makes them prone to weight gain, despite being vitamin deficient.

As a provider of senior care services in Houston, Texas, we make sure to prepare meals that are balanced and suited for the nutritional requirements of seniors.

Here are some meal planning tips from the daviscommunity.org:

  • Your plate should look like a rainbow.

    Have a variety of brightly colored foods to ensure that you are getting the nutrients you need.

  • Eat balanced meals.

    A healthy meal includes lean protein, fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and low-fat dairies.

  • Read labels.

    The healthiest foods are whole foods. When buying packaged foods, look for those that are low in fats, sodium, and added sugar.

Is meal planning to tedious for you or your senior loved one? It may be difficult to plan out meals, do the groceries, and prepare balanced meals every day, especially if you are in your senior years.

We at Heartful Senior Care LLC also provide meal preparation as part of our senior home care services in Seabrook, Texas. You will surely have the balanced meals you need to be done in your preference.

Other than meal planning, we also provide other services, such as medication reminders, light housekeeping, bathing assistance, companion care, and home care assistance in Houston, Texas.

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