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Skin Care for Seniors: Avoiding Dryness and Irritation

Skin Care for Seniors: Avoiding Dryness and Irritation

Like our bodies, our skin also changes as we age. What used to be supple and elastic may now be more prone to dryness and itching. This is why the skin of elderly adults need more care and attention. As a provider of senior care services in Houston, Texas, we place great importance on senior skincare.

Here are some tips in caring for your skin in your elderly years from American Academy of Dermatology Association:

  • Relieving baths.

    You may need to change some things about your bath routine. You’ll need to stop using bar soap, hot water, and bath brushes. These can make your skin dry, irritated, and stripped of its natural oils. Switch to a gentle and creamy cleanser paired with warm water and a soft cloth instead.

  • Try using an air humidifier.

    Dry air can make your skin dry and itchy. Keep your indoor humidity at 45% and 60%.

  • Protective gear.

    Make sure to wear gloves when doing housework or gardening to protect yourself from irritating chemicals.

  • Sun protection.
    Always put on a sunscreen with SPF 30 or higher every day and avoid direct sunlight to protect you from wrinkles, dry skin, and even
    skin cancer

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