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Improving Your Senior Loved One’s Mental Health

Improving Your Senior Loved One’s Mental Health

It’s important to preserve not only your senior loved one’s physical health but their mental health as well. As a provider of senior care services in Houston, Texas, our professionals at Heartful Senior Care LLC make sure that your loved one engages in activities that maintain their emotional and mental well-being.

At the same time, if you are a family caregiver that’s providing home care assistance in Houston, Texas for your aging family member, we provide you some tips on how you can promote your loved one’s mental health:

  • Encourage Them to Exercise
    One way for them to exercise their minds is through reading and writing. You can encourage them to read their favorite book or write a gratitude journal every day. Another way to exercise the mind is through learning a new language and playing games that involve thinking, like puzzles and scrabble.
  • Be Active with Them
    Of course, before doing any physical activity, it’s best that you consult their physician first. However, being active is linked to improving one’s cognitive abilities. Low-impact exercises, like stretching and strength training, can also help in reducing age-related problems, like bone fractures and joint pain, among others.
  • Have Them Give Back to the Community
    If they are able to do so, why not have them do volunteer work for the community? Volunteering gives them a sense of purpose. And not only that, it gives a positive impact on their lives as they make others happy through their act of volunteerism.

Should you be unable to care for your loved one due to your other duties and responsibilities in the families, you can enlist the help of our caregivers. We not only serve Houston, but we provide senior home care services in Seabrook, Texas as well.

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