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Why Many Seniors Don’t Take Their Meds

Why Many Seniors Don’t Take Their Meds

Seniors are the largest consumers of healthcare products and senior care services in Houston, Texas. However, many of them still do not take their meds properly. Some even do not take them, at all.

The following are a few reasons why:

  • Lapses in Memory

    Forgetfulness seems to be a common occurrence in older adults. Many of them forget to take their medications. As a result, they may end up skipping a dose or taking a double dose. Both scenarios affect seniors negatively.

    Older adults can benefit from home care assistance in Houston, Texas, specifically medication reminders. Care providers can remind them when and how to take their meds properly.

  • Perception of Need

    Some seniors stop taking their meds when they already feel good. They think that they do not need medicines anymore. This might affect the total effectiveness of the medications. Their symptoms may come back in this case. So, it is important to remind seniors to take their meds until their doctors tell them otherwise.

  • Costs of medicines

    Some seniors have financial troubles that limit their capacity to purchase the meds they need. They may end up buying only half of the medications their doctors will prescribe to them. Doing this does not help in managing their health or minimizing their symptoms.

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