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Help Your Aging Loved Ones Control High Blood Pressure

High blood pressure knows no age. Even the youngest child in your family can be high blood. However, the elderly are at high risk of developing high blood pressure levels. The occasional rise in blood pressure levels is natural. There are plenty of factors that can trigger it. But if the spikes go beyond the … Continue reading

Helping You Prevent Vitamin Deficiency

Providers of senior care services in Houston, Texas can help seniors who are at risk of vitamin deficiency overcome this health challenge. They can make sure that the senior’s meals are packed with the following nutrients: Vitamin C Oranges, kale, and bell peppers are some of the most common sources of vitamin C. They can … Continue reading

Why Many Seniors Don’t Take Their Meds

Seniors are the largest consumers of healthcare products and senior care services in Houston, Texas. However, many of them still do not take their meds properly. Some even do not take them, at all. The following are a few reasons why: Lapses in Memory Forgetfulness seems to be a common occurrence in older adults. Many … Continue reading

Woman helping her grandmother to stand up