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Key Nutrients Seniors Need for Healthy Living


The body undergoes a lot of changes when it reaches the aging stage. As time passes, all the organs may deteriorate and slowly lose their functions.

But with a proper diet and a healthy lifestyle, there is a chance to prevent body issues or prolong their healthful state. And your regimen should include adequate rest, anti-stress activities, exercises, water, and nutritious food.

Come with nutritious food are vitamins and minerals the body needs to sustain and support proper health and longevity.

Below are the nutrients the elderly under senior care services in Houston, Texas need as they age:

  • Proteins maintain muscle mass and strength.
  • Carbohydrates provide the energy they need throughout the day.
  • Dietary fiber aids with digestion and helps with bowel movement.
  • Calcium and Vitamin D keep bones strong and intact and prevent bone brittleness.
  • B-Vitamins fight the symptoms of nerve aging, cognitive dysfunction, cardiovascular disorders, and more.

Nutrients are essential to people at any age. But older people would need these to aid them while aging. Promote mobility and independence and remain active through the consumption of food rich in the said nutrients.

And when you need assistance with diet planning and meal preparation, do not hesitate to get our Home care assistance in Houston, Texas.

Heartful Senior Care LLC commits itself to providing exceptional care that satisfies the needs of its clients. Should you decide to get Senior home care services in Seabrook, Texas, call us at 832-630-6599.

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