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Spotting the Signs of Alzheimer’s Disease

Spotting the Signs of Alzheimer’s Disease

Detecting the signs of Alzheimer’s disease as early as possible can be critical to providing appropriate care to an individual. This is where their family members and friends can play a vital role in recognizing these signs and hopefully avoid dangerous situations in the future.

Although Alzheimer’s disease can affect a person’s memory, several other lesser-known indicators commonly go unnoticed, such as notable changes in their mood, behavior, or personality. Thus, Heartful Senior Care LLC, your trusted Senior Home Care Services in Seabrook, Texas, lists 5 common early signs of Alzheimer’s disease to help you.

  1. Disruption of daily life.

    While it is common to sometimes forget the day of the week or where we placed some things, people with Alzheimer’s may forget major things, such as the road they live in, where they are, or how they got there. They may also confuse the night and day.

  2. Difficulty performing familiar tasks.

    People with Alzheimer’s may find it hard to complete everyday tasks that are so familiar we usually do not think about how to do them (e.g., arranging clothes or steps for preparing a meal).

  3. Problems with language.

    We usually have trouble finding the right word for something but people with Alzheimer’s often forget words for everyday objects like toothbrushes, spoons, or cups.

  4. Changes in mood or behavior.

    People with Alzheimer’s can become unusually emotional and may experience rapid mood swings for no apparent reason. Alternatively, they may also show less emotion than usual.

  5. Withdrawal from work or social activities.

    Healthcare professionals from senior care services in Houston, Texas observed that people with Alzheimer’s can become very passive. They may sit in front of the television for hours, sleep more than usual, and lose interest in hobbies.

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