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5 Practical Tips for Seniors to Stay Hydrated

5 Practical Tips for Seniors to Stay Hydrated

As a natural part of the aging process, seniors can lose their sense of thirst and tend to not drink enough to hydrate themselves. This is due to the physiological changes in our bodies that increases the risk of becoming dehydrated. Our fluid balance can also be affected by our general health, the weather, emotional stress, and medications. The latter then make seniors more susceptible to dehydration because of the medications they may be maintaining. Signs and symptoms of dehydration include persistent fatigue, headaches, dizziness, muscle weakness or cramps, nausea, forgetfulness, confusion, deep rapid breathing, or an increased heart rate.

Thus, Heartful Senior Care LLC, your trusted Senior Care Services in Houston, Texas, brings you 5 practical tips to help your senior loved one stay hydrated throughout the day.

  1. Even if they’re not thirsty, encourage them to drink. Sips of water throughout the day will also do.
  2. Make sure to keep a water bottle close by, especially if they have mobility issues.
  3. Make sure to frequently check their urine color.
  4. Healthcare professionals in Senior Home Care Services in Seabrook, Texas usually encourage their clients to drink a full glass of water with their medications though they only need a few sips.
  5. Prepare foods with high water content, such as fruits, vegetables, and soups. Good food choices for them include watermelon, cucumbers, and low-sodium broths, or soups.

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