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Why Is Companionship Important for Seniors?

Why Is Companionship Important for Senior

Proper diet and nutrition, a healthy amount of sleep and exercise, and a stress-free lifestyle are key factors in maintaining a healthy and happy life. For seniors, these are most especially important, as they are now more susceptible to diseases, mental lapses, and emotional distress because of old age and the lifestyle changes that come with it. We might be already well-aware of this; however, what some may not know is that social interaction is also one very important factor that will contribute to an overall healthy and happy lifestyle. Our elderly loved ones, most especially, can benefit a lot from being socially adept, and a good way to ensure this is by having a companion.

Research in geriatric care over the years has shown significant benefits brought about by companions for the elderly. One such significant and wonderful benefit is it lowers risk of dementia. This is because when seniors are interacting with other people and are engaged in lively conversations, their cognitive skills are functioning, and they are able to express their emotions and thoughts; thus, enhancing memory and preventing dementia.

Another advantage of having a companion for your elder loved one is a lower risk of heart disease. As they get older, and especially when they are living alone, seniors will tend to suffer from social isolation, will have bouts of depression due to loneliness, and anxiety due to fear of what may happen. Emotions and feelings like these can cause major stress and can lead to coronary heart diseases or stroke. Having a companion around whom they can interact with and talk to can prevent these feelings of loneliness and depression. Your senior loved ones will be at ease, knowing that they have someone with them. Having a companion also means getting to enjoy daily activities more, as they will have someone to play cards, board games, and puzzles with, and have a lovely cup of tea and friendly conversation as well.

You can’t, of course, just hire anyone to keep your elderly loved ones’ company. You would have to make sure that they wouldn’t do anything to harm your dear seniors, and that they would be able to provide care and support when needed. Heartful Senior Care, LLC is a provider of quality home care services in Houston, Texas—we offer non-medical home care and companionship care services with a heart.

We do not only provide senior care services in Seabrook, Texas—from 24-hour care, personal care, housekeeping assistance, and companion care—but we make sure to do so with exceptional quality, with the goal of improving the quality of life of our clients. Our skilled and well-trained caregivers ensure that your elderly loved ones only receive the best senior home care in Houston, Texas, by also being kind and respectful companions.

See about having us serve your elderly loved ones as companions! You may contact us at 832-630-6599, and get in touch with one of our friendly caregivers today.

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