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The Best Fruits for Senior Loved Ones with Diabetes


We can’t help but admit how much we like eating sweets, no matter what age we are. You name it, from different sweets to fruit options. But the health effects of sugar can be either positive or negative. Even if a senior does not have a chronic ailment, their sugar intake needs to be carefully controlled. Diabetes affects not just the health of the elderly but also that of young children. Therefore, it is harmful to have sweet meals at any moment.

As a group of caretakers that provides senior home care services in Seabrook, Texas, we are aware that the elderly occasionally requests something sweet. Fruit is the solution—not candy, chocolate, cake, or other sweets. Fruits are the healthiest option for the sugar our senior citizens crave. But it’s important to remember that some fruits still contain a lot of sugar.

In our home care assistance in Houston, Texas, we ensure to check and identify which fruits have the most and the least sugar.

Fruits high in sugar:

  • Grapes
  • Banana
  • Pear
  • Watermelon

There are seasonal fruits that can be served during the season. Always ensure that they are not detrimental to the health when too much is consumed. The healthiest desserts and cuisines are what Heartful Senior Care LLC guarantees to deliver. Food and meal preparation is one of the services we offer. It is our goal to constantly monitor our clients’ daily diets. We ensure that the meals we prepare to adhere to their suggested diet.

We also offer respite care and other care needs. Visit our website to learn more about our senior care services in Houston, Texas. Call us if you have any more questions.

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